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If you have become interested in the business of process serving, it is very important to know ways through which you can grow the business. This job requires delivering legal as well as court documents, including subpoenas and summons. As a process server, you can either hand the document directly to the defendant or you can give them to another individual in the place of business or residence of the defendant. The requirements for becoming a process serve may differ from one state to another, and in some states, it is simple if you are already a private investigator.

Fb_adsSo how do you market your business serving business? One of the best ways that you can use to market your process serving business is through Facebook ads. It is one of the cost-efficient ways for building loyalty and brand awareness. It is a self-service option that offers you many targeting options, for instance being able to engage people in a certain age bracket or reach students in a particular institution. With the 50 percent daily return rate that Facebook offers, you are surely going to benefit by marketing your business using this platform as opposed to other social media sites.

Types Of Facebook Ads That You Can Use For Process Server Marketing

There are three types of Facebook ads that you can use to market your business, namely traditional text ads, displays ads and unique Facebook engagement ads. The displays ads include text and images while the unique Facebook engagement ads need to be ordered through a Facebook advertising sales representative and will cost you about 30,000 dollars. To be able to use the Facebook ads, you need to have a Facebook page. If you have a page already, you should see the ads in the far-right column of the page in the ad space. The ad space can have up to four ads, but you cannot be able to control the order in which they appear.

How To Target The Right Audience When Using Facebook For Process Server Marketing

Facebook gives you the ability to reach your exact audience, which could be a geographic preference, a broad demographic, or a more granular interest. The following are ways through which you can find the right type of audience for your Facebook ad.

Targeting by Interests and Likes

Your member’s profile data on Facebook is leveraged to allow you to drill down to specific keywords which represent your interests. You can use the topics that you are passionate about, in this case, process server marketing, to micro-target your audience.   This particular technique is working well for Colleen from CTC Investigations in Oklahoma City.

Targeting by Location

You are allowed to target a precise location on Facebook using your profile data as well as the IP address that you have used to log in with. You are also allowed to expand the targeting to include surrounding areas that are located up to 50 miles from you. This allows you to reach specific regional markets.

Targeting by Connections

This involves targeting people that are already connected to your Facebook page or another page of yours. It is also possible to target the ads to people who are not connected to your Facebook page. In this case, your existing fans will not be shown your page. Also, you can target friends of people that are already connected to your Facebook page.