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A picture of Gary A. Riley in SEATTLE

Maurice here… Lately, I have been on a mission to reconnect with my old friends from law school. Well, I guess you are wondering why I am a consultant yet I went to law school. To be honest, I was passionate about becoming a lawyer back then when I was still in law school. But my interests changed and I decided to become a consultant.

Back to finding my old friends from law school: So the friend that I reconnected with lately is named Gary A. Riley. He was one of my truest friends in law school. He was a little taller and older than me. He is 5’9” and was born in February 1956 while I am 5’8” and I was born in September 1958. His favorite color back then used to be blue. I guess that is still so because that time I met him he was driving a blue 1995 Rover 416i.

A picture of Gary A. Riley in SEATTLE
A picture of Gary A. Riley in SEATTLE

Unlike me, Gary did not change the course of his profession when he finished law school. He is currently a trial lawyer in Seattle, WA specializing in Mesothelioma cases. He helps people that are ill as a result of asbestos exposure find justice. He told me that he has been able to win many mesothelioma settlements, which does not come as a surprise to me considering how sharp he was in law school. He was among the top students in our class back then.

Gary’s parents came from Seattle, WA. After finishing law school, he decided that he will build his life there too. He was not like many of us who were always planning to move out of our hometowns and build new lives elsewhere. He is married to his campus girlfriend. Her name is Joyce. He introduced me to her one time when we were still in school. I had no idea that they were going to end up together. They have a beautiful family of three children – two boys and a girl.

When I reconnected with Gary two months ago, he welcomed me to his home in Seattle. He really has a nice home. I always knew that he was going to be accomplished in life because he was a very hardworking person in school. He always gave his all in studies. He was a fun person too. During the weekends, we will go swimming or to the gym to workout. He still does that even today. No wonder his body is in a very good shape at 59 years old.

Seattle is a beautiful city. When I visited Gary, I totally understood why he did not want to move to a new city after law school. It has so many beautiful historical buildings and landmarks that I enjoyed visiting such as the Jimi Hendrix Statue, The Center of the Universe, The Space Needle, and The International Fountain. It is a city that I would consider living in if I was looking for a home.

Anyway, I had a lot to catch up with Gary. When we met, it was like us back in law in school again. We are doing as much as we can to remain in touch nowadays.  You can find out more about him on this attorney directory.